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Contested Estate Lawyer Central Coast

Central Coast’s Most Recommended Contested Estate Lawyer

Suppose you plan on contesting a will or estate. In that case, you need a contested estate lawyer on the Central Coast with a reputation for success. Our experienced team has resolved many complicated inheritance claims. Have you been unexpectedly left out of the will? Or did your loved one have an outdated will that did not include you? At Worland Family Lawyers, we are highly experienced in successfully contesting a will. We have specialised in all family matters for the past 30 years.

Contested Estate Lawyer Central Coast

We are led by our Principal Solicitor, Jan Worland, who has been in legal practice for over 30 years. She has been admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW and the High Court of Australia. Therefore, if experience matters to you, our contested estate legal team is your no. 1 choice. We are passionate about helping families during the dark hours and enabling you to transition to a healthier, happier family unit.

How Our Contested Estate Lawyer on the Central Coast Can Help You

Suppose your family member has been left out or not provided for adequately in a deceased estate and will—our contested estate lawyer on the Central Coast advises the need to act now. We can help you protect your interests and financial positions. If a will-maker did not correctly organise their estate or make adequate provisions for their estate, we understand the intricate problems that can arise. Contesting a will requires strict adherence to time.

Contested Estate Lawyer Central Coast

In Australia, a will or estate can only be contested six months from the date of a grant of probate. That is why we advise you to come to us as soon as possible to help you properly build your case for further provision from the estate if you have a claim or think you might have one. We offer free strategy consultation, assuring you of achieving the best outcomes possible.

Call Our Central Coast Estate Lawyer to Have a Will Contested

Disagreements arise about assets after a loved one’s demise and whether a will is in place. These disagreements may intensify precisely because there is a will. Our experienced contested estate lawyer on the Central Coast has seen every problem and family provision claim. We have successfully represented many clients in court over the years, enabling us to predict the outcomes the Supreme Court may reach if a dispute goes to trial.

Usually, if the deceased leaves a more significant estate, there is more animosity between family members and all the eligible persons for the assets. We can help you understand your rights and entitlements and ensure you get a fair share of the assets. Some of the reasons you can contest a will include:

  • Executors unduly delay in applying for probate
  • No agreement among beneficiaries on what to happen to the estate property
  • Unauthorised transfer of assets during the deceased’s life
  • Inadequate family provision, among others

Contact our contested estate lawyer on the Central Coast to find out what is right for you.