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Will Disputes Central Coast

Experienced Will Disputes Lawyers on the Central Coast

Consult with the leading will disputes lawyer on the Central Coast to discuss an unfair will or estate. Whether you have been unfairly left out of a will or left with an unfair share, we can help you dispute, contest and challenge the will, and ensure that you receive all you deserve. At Worland Family Lawyers, we are experienced in all family matters and have been in the industry for over 30 years.

Will Disputes Central Coast
Will Disputes Central Coast

Our legal team is passionate about helping families during their darkest periods and ensuring a seamless transition to a new and happier life. We will take care of the entire process for you, taking stress from you and ensuring that you have a shoulder you can lean on during this emotional time. The death of a loved one raises emotional issues and can be accompanied by emotional memories extending back many years. We are here to ensure that you fight for your valid entitlements.

Contesting a Will and Will Disputes on the Central Coast

If you pass away without a will, your estate will be distributed according to the intestacy laws. Sometimes valid wills are in place. If you believe the will is in place but have received no or minimal provision from the estate, we are your go-to experts for will disputes service on the Central Coast. Where you are not disputing the validity of a will, you can be eligible to make a family provision claim.

When you come to us, we will tell you whether you fit under a recognised category. At Worland Family Lawyers, we understand how challenging it can get to be under-recognised in the will of your loved one’s estate. If this is your situation, you are likely to be unfairly treated. We can also help if you are the executor of a will and have heard that someone else is contesting. Some reasons for contesting a can include lack of mental capacity, undue influence or forgery.

Our Will Disputes Experts on the Central Coast Help You Get a Fair Share

Will disputes on the Central Coast may arise surrounding the question of who should be responsible for managing the deceased person’s assets. The executor might be criticised for not doing their job correctly, being slow, or showing favouritism. When someone had a verbal promise to family and friends before they died, disputes are likely when the promises are not reflected in the will. We have decades of experience dealing with disputes over deceased’s estates.

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Our focus is to find a financially sensible resolution. We will help you navigate the parties and look beyond emotions for the most practical outcome. For example, if you and your family are caught up in a dispute over a deceased estate, we will be ready and happy to discuss the best strategy to arrive at the outcome. We provide support and advice to overcome the challenges and provide the best defence possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice on will disputes on the Central Coast, and rest assured of the best outcomes.