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A Team of Reliable and Efficient Lawyers in Gosford

Worland Family Lawyers is Gosford’s premier law firm, specialising in all aspects of family law, including parenting matters, pets in divorce, and de facto separation. We have been helping families with their legal matters since 2011. Whether you are looking to prepare a will and estate or a consent order, our lawyers are experienced in creating these crucial documents and can help you at every stage of the process.

We are proud of our exceptional reputation for offering clients timely advice and impeccable solutions throughout the Central Coast. Our legal practitioners will take the time to explain the options available to you and your rights and responsibilities. We promise that regardless of your case, every client who steps into our office will receive meticulous care and a service that is second to none. Book your free strategy session today.

Our Family Lawyers Offer Superior Legal Counselling Services in Gosford

We are Gosford’s experienced and competent solicitors, and our team strives to provide our clients with the best advice on all family law matters. We can help you through uncertain times and work with you to ensure the well-being of your family. From negotiating favourable parenting time schedules to representing you in court, your appointed lawyers at Worland Family Lawyers will act on your behalf and work side by side with you.

No matter what family matter you are dealing with, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in protecting our clients’ assets. Our trusted lawyers will advise clients on important legal terminology and the potential implications of their decisions. Our family lawyers have a solid track record of providing clients with high-quality legal counsel and excellent results. Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment while also offering the best solutions for your unique needs.

Hire a Prominent Family Lawyer in Gosford

Located in the heart of the Central Coast, Worland Family Lawyers is the law firm Gosford residents can rely on when they need sound advice from an experienced team of family lawyers. We are focused on improving the lives of our clients, and our unwavering commitment to protecting and promoting their best interests is reflected in what we do everyday. We  work closely with our clients to help them achieve the best results.

Lawyers Gosford


If you and your loved ones are unable to reach an agreement over a family dispute, our expert lawyers can assist you with these legal matters. Our family lawyers specialise in assisting families with issues such as wills and estates, parenting time schedules, property, and finances. We will devise an effective action plan and recommend the necessary steps to minimise damage while attempting to keep the dispute at bay.

Our lawyers offer end-to-end solutions for all your family law matters in Gosford. Call us today.