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Did you see your Kids Over Christmas?

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In Australia there is a presumption that parents will have equal responsibility and shared decision-making duties when it comes to children.

Have your children expressed that they want to spend more time with you and that they miss you?

As we enter ‘normal’ life of school, homework and sports, we realise how short life is. They will grow up quickly and time becomes even more full as they attend friends’ parties, go away on holidays and eventually become busy with work commitments.

Children need healthy relationships with both parents and we can help you put this in writing. We
have helped hundreds of families do the same. Don’t miss out on quality time and your kids’ childhood.

Call us on 4323 2266.

If you require someone to speak anonymously about your life circumstances, please reach out:

LIFELINE : 13 11 14

Beyond Blue Coronavirus Mental Wellbeing Support Service – 1800 512 348


There are also services offered on Beyond Blue from online forums to online chat services.