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Financial Agreements

Thinking of getting serious again in a relationship?

Protect your assets. 

After separation, there is no legal requirement to submit agreements to the Family Court. You can make a private Financial Agreement, or a legally binding one through the Courts known as a Consent Order.

A Financial Agreement can be drawn up before, during or after a relationship has ended.

You will need to have independent legal advice, and the Agreement can encompass a wider scope than Consent Orders.

  • Who gets to keep the house?
  • Lump sum payments to each party eg Superannuation or cash payments in form of ‘buying out’ the other
  • Which person keeps the car, jewellery and furniture?
  • Which party keeps the family dog?
  • What happens to the assets in the future if the relationship breaks down? This applies to parties that are about to embark into a serious commitment or are currently in a de facto relationship or marriage.

It is mandatory to obtain legal advice for a Financial Agreement. Your financial future needs to be protected and in accordance with your circumstances, you should call us to discuss your options.

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