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Divorce Lawyer Gosford

Your Expert Divorce Lawyer in Gosford

Are you looking for a divorce lawyer in Gosford? Let Worland Family Lawyers help you navigate this complicated and stressful process. If you are searching for a divorce lawyer, it means you have been separated for at least 12 months, as the law requires, and want to file for a divorce. Alternatively, you may be searching for legal aid to help with all aspects of your separation, from property settlement to divorce. Our family lawyers can help you regardless of the reason.

Worland Family Lawyers is a law firm with over 30 years of experience. Our lawyers have a depth of knowledge and will give you an advantage when dealing with your divorce case. We strive to get the best outcome by representing and fighting for your rights. Our principal solicitor is admitted to the Supreme Court of NSW and the High Court of Australia, meaning you will have the best legal representation you can get in Gosford.

The Leading Divorce Lawyer in Gosford

Our divorce lawyers in Gosford will help you get past this challenging situation so you can continue with your life. Divorce is among the most stressful events. A marriage breakdown leaves you with many questions about your living situation, children’s welfare, and financial entitlements. Our team will help you solve these problems and receive your fair portion of the family assets. We will also help you understand the requirements for different personal and familial circumstances that you need to know about. These include;

  • Have you been married for less than two years?
  • Do you have children?
  • Will you apply for a joint or a sole application?
  • Have you been cohabiting whilst separated?
  • Do you own property?
  • Are you still using the same name as when you were married?
  • Am I entitled to spousal support?
  • Did you get married overseas?

The law is complicated, but we are here to simplify it and ensure you get what you deserve.

When Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer in Gosford?

You will need a divorce lawyer in Gosford if you have been separated for 12 months. The law requires that there be an irretrievable marriage breakdown. However, divorce requires more than physical separation. The 12-month separation may be disputed if you continued to operate joint bank accounts, maintained a sexual relationship, or attended social functions together. It would help if you showed how your life changed once you separated. Who looked after the children? Did you move to separate bedrooms or houses? These are some of the areas to consider when filing for divorce.

Divorce Lawyer Gosford

Our divorce lawyers understand that sometimes life does not flow smoothly. You will have times when the things you value are at risk. We will go above and beyond to help you achieve the fairest results possible to protect your family, property, and future. Let us help you get past this challenging part of your life.

Please get in touch with our divorce lawyers in Gosford for legal advice and services. We are here to protect your interests.