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Parental & Custody Arrangements

Like you, we see the best interests of the child as paramount when considering your new family arrangements after a separation. This brings up questions such as:

  • Where will the child live?
  • How do I navigate through two separate homes for my child and how much times they will spend at each?
  • How much support do I need in order to maintain our children’s lifestyle?

We guide you to consider a Parenting Agreement that is contingent on you agreeing with your former partner or spouse to childcare arrangements.

If you cannot agree you will be required to undertake Mediation and apply to the Court for Consent Orders.

Often the process is an emotional and stressful one, and we have assisted hundreds of families to overcome their concerns and explain the elements that the court takes into account when looking at the best outcome for your family.

Considerations that we make:

Family Unit History

  • Dynamics
  • Responsibilities (financial, childcare, domestic)

Current Family Situation

  • Dynamics
  • Negotiations or Mediation can lead to mutual Consent Orders without the need to go to Court

Future Court Arrangements

  • What is in the best interests of the child/children
  • Parenting Orders (enforceable)

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